Is Romania falling off the map?

Posted on 16 aprilie, 2015


In 2014 The World Economic Forum released a study assessing the global competitiveness of several countries. The study looked at 148 countries with structured economies, the rest not worthy of inclusion in such a top-tier study. Romania is close to the limit of falling off the map of countries worthy of investigation. It lags behind the 148 countries, bottom of the list in almost all scored categories.

Because political discourse in Romania seems to say „lets drop off of the map of the developed world economy”, a growth of 2-3% per year deepening poverty and accentuating disparities with modern civilization, let us look at a significant table which came out of The World Economic Forum study, table which I included in my book „Vision 2020 – Business Opportunities in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries”

tabel copy

The lack of major national development strategy, the absence of big scale projects -in light of 2018 when Romania celebrates the 100th anniversary of its foundation, roughly as it stands today- a commercial development rate well below 5-6% which help us recover economically, the anticorruption political rhetoric replacing a dialogue of development and prosperity, the generalized fear, lies and hypocrisy, transform Romania in a secondary arms depot for an unlikely war between NATO-Russia, diminishing its importance and classification as country belonging to the contemporary world.

Waves of young Romanian immigrants continue to grow! The country seems to wither away and die at the edge of the map. Raise your voice oh strapping fellas, workers and farmers alike, let’s all sing along an old sing song: „Long live the fight for the cleansing of Romanians, every citizen’s fundamental obligation!”

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