Do Romanian Judges Ever Err?

Posted on 24 aprilie, 2015


For Mr. Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, the beginning of hope.

I have clear examples of Romanian judges who knowingly do wrong in order to preserve their seats, their huge salaries and their privileges.

A wise and memorable leader spoke about such judges already since 1750 BC. More precisely, 3750 years ago a true leader of country and people, wrote the following – in a code of law that bears his name to this day – about judges who make mistakes:

„If a judge make a decision in a case, which then turns out to be an error, he has to pay 12 times as much as he imposed on the accused and will no longer be allowed to judge.
If one accuses another, and falls short of providing any evidence, the accuser will be killed.”

Hammurabi the Great spoke 3750 years ago in the Hammurabi Codex about Judge Livia Stanciu and Judge Ionut Matei, the magistrates who have sent me and my wife in prison with no evidence! I do not want them to be killed! Not even to pay 12 times what they took away from us! But I do want then to be tried in court after a fair and transparent European law, based on evidence.

I want the DNA and any other prosecution office, when they indict judges Stanciu Livia and Ionut Matei, to bring forward witnesses, even 974 if need be (as in our trial, „The Trophy for Quality”) but to permit them to bring witnesses in their defense as well, as many they want or need. NOT as they did to us, when they did not allow any witness in defense. They should stand sentenced on the basis of clear and direct evidence, proving their guilt, NOT as they did to us: without evidence, as they themselves wrote in the grounds of conviction.

Hammurabi would have laughed out loud or would be terribly furious if he could hear what happened in the „The Trophy for Quality”: it was unthinkable, even three thousand seven hundred years ago, that when a judge errs he is not held accountable for his deed.

And if I – as I heard in all prisons – in Rahova, Jilava and Gaesti – that Judge Ionut Matei took money from defendants in cases in which he judged, before being promoted to the Supreme Court – had initiated a lawsuit against him and could not show any evidence, I should have been killed.

And if I – as I heard in all prisons – in Rahova, Jilava and Gaesti – that Judge Livia Stanciu, a former Communist prosecutor, executed Traian Basescu’s orders 100% and she is now looking for new masters – initiated a lawsuit against her and could not show with clear evidence, her bad faith and thirst for power, I should have been killed.

To the amusement of Donald Tusk, of Hammurabi, of President Johannis, and especially of Barrak Obama, Angela Merkel and yours, my reader friends: if I would ever want to raise a complaint about Judge Livia Stanciu and Judge Ionut Matei, under our current law, they would be the ones to judge my complaint.

Mr. Donald Tusk, help us to rediscover Hammurabi the Great!

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